Since 1993


APAC Probity is one of Australia's leading Probity Advisory and Auditing consulting firms.
We pride ourselves in providing practical and pragmatic advice.
Why choose APAC Probity?

  • Advanced Probity Practitioners covering the NSW, Commonwealth and Victorian Government Jurisdictions and available for all private sector and not for profit organisations.
  • Leading practitioners with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors.
  • SME’s working within an international professional practice framework to ensure the quality and integrity of work.
  • Practitioners with superior knowledge in probity, governance, internal audit, risk, fraud and procurement and strategic sourcing; bringing to bear a wide and effective skills set and knowledge of the issues involved in major transactions.
  • Expertise in large technology, engineering and civil works, privatisation, board selection and regulatory license projects.
  • Proficiency in working across multiple sectors, providing probity advisory and audit services including (but not limited to) transport, art venues, utilities, policing, health, general public sector, housing, local government, federal government and the private sector.
  • Utilise cloud-based applications to ensure all team members are synchronised across current probity projects and issues, with the information remotely accessible via mobile devices.. These tools can also be used to collaborate with the client team.
  • Available and ready with resources for immediate commencement.
  • Experience working effectively with management and reporting to Boards and Audit and Risk Committees.


APAC Probity offers a transparent, activity-based, open-book pricing model through a catalogue of probity advisory and auditing services.  This ensures clients have visibility of activities and budget, whilst not encroaching on the independence of probity advisory auditing work.

APAC Probity has a pool of highly talented, qualified and experienced consultants to ensure continuity in the unlikely situation of an unscheduled event that creates a time conflict or illness.  Using our unique cloud-based toolkit, other probity team members can instantly be updated on key events or issues that require management.

APAC Probity looks forward to tailoring a solution for your organisation and assisting you to achieve your program objectives, knowing that the process will be undertaken with integrity and probity.


Next Steps...

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