Probity Advisory Services

As a leading firm of probity advisors, we assist organisations to ensure integrity with their large, complex or sensitive procurement, grant, sale transactions.

We provide practical and pragmatic advice, with an eye on all the elements of probity, which includes ensuring value for money.

The earlier we are involved, the easier it is to structure the transaction to incorporate integrity and probity from the very beginning, rather than attempting to retrofit, often too late in the process.

Probity Auditing Services and Investigations

For some situations, it is appropriate to have an independent probity advisor and auditor.

As probity auditor, we draw upon our extensive auditing skills to ensure that the probity principles have been applied as agreed with the procurement plan.

Unfortunately, some transactions do not proceed as intended, and an investigation is required to determine if the transaction has been compromised, and if it has what options are available.

Value for Money

There are occasions where a an appropropriate course of action is to take up contractual extensions.  However, sometime organisations do not have a methodology to determine if value for money has been received and if the extension contract represents good value for money.

We have developed methodologies to determine the value for money question, allowing executives and boards to make more informed decisions.

Next Steps...

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